Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract Review


Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Hello people!!

You must be thinking that I have gone nuts with supplements nowadays. Well, you are not wrong 😉 . This is the last product review from my side this month. These were pending since eternity, so I did not want to waste any time. Although  in the lasts month, I did encounter some bummer products also that pissed me off. Will talk about those may be next time, bummers can wait you see 😉 .

This is about review of a Fat Burner or a Weight Loss Formula – Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract. It is a dietary supplement that helps increase fat loss. It is free of stimulants and is a natural anti-oxidant. A dietary supplement for burning fat! Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Well, fat burners are my favorites not because they are some magical pills but because they have helped to break a stall and increase my metabolism when my weight just won’t budge. Let me tell you in the beginning of the post itself that you have to consume this supplement and also continue to eat healthy. If you are taking this weight loss formula, doesn’t mean that you can gorge on junk food 😛

Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee bean extract

Okay, let us move ahead with the review of the supplement!

Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee bean extract review

What does Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract contain?

Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee bean extract fitnessvsweightloss

Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract has Svetol in it. Svetol is a brand of green coffee extract which is the most scientifically researched. Svetol enhances fat burning. The proportion of phtyochemicals in Svetol helps in promoting boosting fat metabolism and promotes weight loss.

Svetol uses unroasted, green coffee beans as they have a chockfull of chlorogenic acids. When coffee is roasted, 70% of these compounds are destroyed. Even if you drink lots of coffee you won’t get the needed concentrated dose of green coffee bean extract.

Studies have shown that Svetol helps in reduction of fat. Svetol has been looked upon as an effective weight loss solution. It actually burns fat! You lose fat and not water or muscle mass.

The unique acid profile of Svetol has been proven to be easily absorbed by the body. This ensures that when once ingested Svetol delivers the desired effects.

Green coffee bean extract present in the supplement has other health benefits to offer too and they are as follows:

  • It is helpful to those who have diabetes as it reduces the absorption of glucose.
  • It is good for heart health as it has a positive effect on blood vessels. It is known to reduce blood pressure too.
  • The cholorogenic acid is a good antioxidant.

You can read more about the weight loss effects of Green Coffee bean extract here!

My experience with Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement

I have used at least 5-6 weight loss supplements like acaiberry, raspberry ketone etc. But none of them, I repeat none of them is as good as Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract. This really has helped accelerate my fat loss. I won’t say weight because I am at a point where my body resists to shed weight. I am experiencing faster inch loss and fat melting more that what I usually lose over a month. I want to continue using it for a few months 🙂


Take one capsule twice a day before meals.

Before consuming Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract, please check with the doctor if you are pregnant, a nursing mother or have an existing medical conditions. If you are sensitive to caffeine, please do not use this product.


  • Rs 1220 for 60 capsules
  • Rs 2080 for 120 capsules
  • Rs 2750 for 180 capsules

Please do share your experience if you try Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract!

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