Zenith Nutrition Hair Fab Review-Hair Growth Supplement


Zenith Nutrition Hair Fab Review-Hair Growth Supplement

Heya Everyone,

Let’s get to business haa today, in every post please don’t expect me to blabber :D.

Most of you would know that I am using a Hair Supplement from Zenith Nutrition called “HairFab” since I had written my experience on WiseShe already.


I completed second bottle yesterday, which means have consumed 120 capsules by now. Ideally the bottles should have finished in two months or 9 weeks in case I missed taking it someday. But I usually end up taking Hairfab maximum 3-4 times a week.

I had straightened my hair n was upset when I noticed no volume. I found a blessing in Hairfab, never thought a dietary supplement would do wonders to my hair. I have tried tons of expensive shampoos , conditioners and serums but no rescued 🙁 !

My Experience With Zenith Nutrition Hair Fab

Naturally I have dry, wavy and brittle hair. I rebonded my hair to make my life better and started taking hairfab thinking it will take months to start working on my hair. I was wrong, its been 5 months since I rebonded, and I need to now use an a flat iron to tame my curly roots 🙁

See for yourself –

Pic on the left is on the day I did my rebonding, Pic in the middle is 1 month from then and Pic on the right was clicked 15 days ago.


In short, my rebonding money is doomed but yes, my hair is growing n I can’t be happier 🙂

Hairfab has worked on my hair in a number of ways. My hairfall has dramatically reduced. My hair is becoming longer,healthier and stronger. I see new growth on my scalp.



Biotin is the main ingredient. I have used standalone biotin tablets which worked on improving the texture of my hair but my hairfall rescue did not happen.

Biotin in HairFab prevents hairfall and thickening the hair strands. It aids weight loss too 😉

Folic acid and pyridoxine prevent hair loss;Folic acid is required for renewal of cells that aids hair growth.

Vitamin B12 is equally important for hair growth. Majority of vegetarians are deficient in vitamin b12 which is needed for a lot of body functions, read here.

MSM provides sulphur,main component of hair structure.

Antioxidants like zinc,vitamins E& C, selenium, copper, chromium, manganese help hair growth. Niacin and Pantothenicacid also serve the same purpose.

In a nutshell, HairFab has everything that you need for long, strong and lively hair.

How To Consume Zenith Nutrition Hair Fab

2 capsules a day after breakfast !


  • Vegetarian supplement
  • Easily available offline and online
  • Zenith Nutritions is one of the reputed brands in Nutrition
  • No taste in capsules


Some may find is expensive, for me its totally worth the money. I am using matrix shampoo and conditioner after getting blasted with Organix and Loreal professional which did nothing for my hair fall.

Price and Availability

You can use my personal promo coupon code – TOPZEN26 and get this product for Rs 1420. The MRP is Rs 1920. You can buy it from here.

Have a great hair day 😉



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