Why Zenith Nutrition Hairfab Is the Best Hair Growth Supplement In India?


Why Zenith Nutrition Hairfab Is the Best Hair Growth Supplement In India?

Heya People!!

I admit I have broom like hair – dry, brittle, curly and lifeless. I had got my hair straightened last year and was happy that they are manageable but disappointed that there was no volume. I sought refuge in Zenith Nutrition Hairfab.

Why Zenith Nutrition Hairfab Is the Best Hair Growth Supplement In India

It is the best dietary supplement I have ever used, it has done wonders to my hair. It has done something that expensive shampoos, conditioners and serums have not been able to do!

This is the pic just after a month. The result of having Hairfab was that my hair grew like anything and my straightened hair was no more straight in 4 months, I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about it 😀

zenith hairfab review

I stopped using Hairfab for no special reasons, sheer laziness may be. In a few months I noticed dramatic hair fall again 🙁 . I switched back to hairfab. My hair is so much better now. My hair fall has dramatically reduced. My hair is becoming stronger, healthier and longer everyday. Its great to see new hair sprouting from the scalp 😛 . I am thinking to get my hair straightened again 😉 . I will never stop using it!

Ingredients in Hairfab Hair supplement

Zenith Nutrition Hairfab fitnessvsweightloss

Biotin is the chief ingredient in Zenith Nutrition Hairfab. The biotin in the supplement prevents falling of hair and helps thickening of strands. Do you know it aids weight loss too? It has folic acid and pyridoxine that prevents loss of hair. Folic acid is needed for the renewal of cells that aid the growth of the hair.

Vitamin B12 is also present which is very important for growth of hair. Usually vegetarians are deficient in it. It also has MSM (methyle SulfonylMethane) that provides sulphur which is the main component of hair structure. Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) is present and is known to stimulate growth of hair. It has antioxidant vitamins namely vitamin C and vitamin E; antioxidant minerals are zinc, manganese, selenium and copper. Chromium, iron and magnesium are also needed for hair growth. Iodine regulates the thyroid thereby reducing hairfall and preventing dryness of hair.

The metabolism of the hair will improve with Inositol and choline. Thiamine reduces hair fall and riboflavin checks hair loss due to dandruff.

In short it has everything which is needed for strong, long and hair full of life!


Rs 1920 for 60 capsules.

Dosage of Hairfab hair growth supplement

2 capsules every day after your breakfast.

Pros of Hairfab hair growth supplement

  • It is easily available online.
  • It is a vegetarian supplement which is a huge pro!
  • The capsules don’t have a taste.
  • They are gluten free, wheat free, artificial colour free, sugar free, milk free, lactose free and sweetener free! This is simply amazing!
  • No headaches, dizziness – no side-effects

Cons of Hairfab hair growth supplement

It could be expensive for some, but I think its worth every penny.

Try Zenith Nutrition Hairfab, you won’t regret!

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  1. Hi Tarun,

    I am suffering from severe hair fall for last few months.. As per your feedback about this product ,
    I have been using this supplement for 1 month now.. Finished one bottle of it.. but still no improvement on hair fall.. How long will it take to show the results ?


    • I stopped using it because I thought my hair was fine. But we don’t realize that our hair go through so much torture everyday, and we help them with shampoo n conditioners which are chemicals. After a few weeks of stopping the use, my hair health started falling again, because of various factors like pollution, stress etc etc. I understood that we need to take care of our hair just like our skin, nutrition everyday!

  2. Hi Tarun,

    As per your advice, i ordered this product from Mynutramart on Jan 20th . And till now I have not received it . I have been following it up for last 1 week and no result. Every day I call then and they say they will get back to me and nothing happend. Worst servise I have experienced from an online seller.

    • Apologies from our side.

      We had shipped the order same day, when it was ordered. But the first flight courier has not delivered. It looks like they have lost the parcel.

      However, today we are sending new consignment.

      • Thanks Pushpalatha. We also have had numerous incidents like this , with courier companies. I think you guys must carefully select your courier partner because its a loss of both – your reputation and money as well.

      • Hi Tarun,

        Thanks for your support, but the shipping information is not updated against my order till now in the system. No updates on mail.. these are the basic things we expect from an online seller.
        The shipping information was not made available When they shipped the order first time also.


        • Dhanya, I can understand. I never faced such an experience with them.
          Have you cancelled the order? If not, let me follow up and update you.

          • HI Tarun,

            No I did not cancel the order.. finally they send me the courier tracking number yesterday.. waiting for the delivery..

            Thank you


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