Zero Calorie Foods-Dream Or Reality?


Zero Calorie Foods-Dream Or Reality?

Go back to your school days, precisely to your chemistry class. Calorie is a unit of energy. Food is a source of energy for human beings. Therefore, food is a source of calories. So when someone sells you a food item by pitching it as “Zero calories” , there are only two possibilities –

one – your are being bugged. You are free to decide what you wish to do with the sales person 😛

two – its not a real food. It is a chemical or may be a mixture of chemicals, sigh! For example – artificial sweeteners, diet or zero coke etc. Artificial sweeteners available in India like Sugar free Natura, Sugar free Gold, Equal etc are made of chemicals like Saccharine, Aspartame etc.

So zero calorie foods are not a reality. They are just a fad, market buzz or a cruel meals to fool people. That’s all!

zero calorie foods

So, any real food or even junk food can never be zero calories.

Zero Calorie Foods-Dream Or Reality

Lol, so next time people offer you diet pizza or low calorie pizza, you know that serving size is zero 😛

However there are certain Negative calorie foods that do aid weight loss. You could be thinking how can a food have not 0 but negative calories. Well, these foods do have calories but our body burns a lot more calories to burn them. Say cucumber you ate gave you 20 calories but the body spent 40 on its metabolism to burn the cucumber. This led to a deficit of 20 calories.

That’s why the saying – An apple a day keeps the doctor away. More than red apple, green apple churns metabolism in a better way. Some of the other fruits that are negative calorie foods are –

Berries – Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Cranberries , Papaya, Watermelon etc

Negative calorie vegetables include cauliflower, cabbage, beans, cucumber, spinach etc. Cauliflower, cabbage and spinach are negative calorie foods and low carb as well, so double the weight loss 🙂 . That’s the primary reason why people who have lost weight sware by cauli, cabbage and spinach! I sware 😉

My 2 cents – Eat food which is

  • Real – Not made in factories
  • Natural – Least processed
  • Healthy – Not sugar laiden
  • Local

If you do eat above foods and make it a lifestyle, you won’t need to run after calories or zero calorie foods for that matter!

Please do let me know your view on zero calorie foods! Use the comments section.

Till we meet again,

Eat healthy, live healthy!

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