Zocon Absorbent Dusting Powder Review


Zocon Absorbent Dusting Powder Review

Maintaining hygiene is such an important thing nowadays. Well, it always was but the importace has increased owing to ever-increasing pollution and the contaminated food items we eat. I never heard of urine infection or any kind of fungal infection 10 years back but now its quite a common problem.

As infections are getting stronger and more frequent, we have to be all ready to prevent and fight them. These concerns made me buy Zocon Absorbent Dusting Powder.

zocon absorbent dusting powder india

About Zocon Absorbent Dusting Powder

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Price-  INR 58.40( i am not too sure about the price )

My Take On Zocon Absorbent Dusting Powder

This powder contains Fluconazole which is a triazole antifungal drug used in the treatment and prevention of superficial and systemic fungal infections

Zocon dusting powder is meant to prevent any kind of fungal infection. It is great product especially if you are into running and gym activities. Rigorous exercising leads to a lot of sweat which is good for weight loss but while exercising one gets their undergarments all sweaty which can lead to infections. Sweat takes time in drying and when it stays for a long time on skin, it acts as a breeding ground for fungus. Any kind of lingering wetness is bad for skin.

To prevent that one can use this powder after going to the loo. It is helpful in cleaning the dead cells of the body and removing the bad surface layer of the skin. Furthermore, the perspiration, dirt and oil secretions can be removed with the help of this powder.

zocon absorbent dusting powder review

This powder can be used on kids as well which makes it really safe and a lot more useful. Actually it is quite good as kids keep getting sweaty all the time and this powder will keep them protected from infections.

I use Zocon Absorbent Dusting Powder twice a day- once after my workout bath and once before going to the bed.

Note- Even though this product is safe but make sure that you consult your doctor before using it.

Have you tried Zocon Absorbent Dusting Powder?

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